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Dissident - is a person who upholds views that diverge radically from those generally accepted.

It all starts with an idea that takes it's material embodiment. Dissident is our canvas through whom we transmit to the world our vision of what is happening, surrounding, future and nonexistent.

Over the years, our team has learned how to make high-quality clothes in Russia at a reasonable price, to develop a recognizable style, while constantly change and self-improve.

Dissident brings together people for whom clothing is not a sense of consumption, but an instrument of self-expression. We collaborate with many artists, photographers, models and other talented people around the world.

Several times a year we gather our friends in various locations in Moscow and other cities of Russia. At Palm Squad Night parties, we not only have a great time with our close friends. This is another offline opportunity to highlight Dissident values ​​and identities through music, light, and installations.


All things in the collection are united by a single concept and are sewn on the production according to individual patterns. Dissident will never be a set of blank things with prints and phrases.


It is important for us where and in what conditions our things are sold. We work with a limited number of selected stores in the Russian Federation and the CIS, whose approach we quote. Dissident will never be sold at a flea market.


We ship worldwide.


Мы доставляем вещи по всему миру.

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Baumanskaya 20b7

+7 (499) 391-96-23