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Dissident - is a person who upholds views that diverge radically from those generally accepted.

Dissident Brand is a Moscow brand of street clothes, founded in July 2015. The dissident began its development from a small blog in a social network, in less than a year transforming into a full-fledged brand with its identity, philosophy and its own store in the center of Moscow. At the heart of each collection of the Dissident clothing brand is a concept on the basis of which design solutions are developed. All items in the collection become part of a single story, embodied in the form of clothing.

Each collection of the brand Dissident clothing raises the bar for quality and range of things. During its existence, Dissident Brand has become not just a clothing brand, but a link uniting creative urban youth all over the world. All of them form our small family - Palm Squad . The brand is always open to new friends and cooperation.


We release items in limited editions and never republish in their original form.


All things in the collection are united by a single concept and are sewn on the production according to individual patterns. Dissident will never be a set of blank things with prints and phrases.


It is important for us where and in what conditions our things are sold. We work with a limited number of selected stores in the Russian Federation and the CIS, whose approach we quote. Dissident will never be sold at a flea market.


We ship worldwide.


Мы доставляем вещи по всему миру.

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